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EURO SECTION : What is it ?
Article by I.G and her friends
Article mis en ligne le 30 juin 2022

par Katy Wlodarski

Let’s present the Euro rection for you who hopefully will join it next year !

The Euro section is an optional course which you can choose in 2nde.

All of the Euro students are gathered only for English and DNL (which stands for Discipline Non Linguistique) but they are separated during the other lessons.

We have one more hour of English than our classmates and an hour and a half a week of DNL which is history and geography (taught in English !) about English speaking countries.
You should know that the Euro section is demanding and you need to have a good level in English, History and Geography.
However, it is going to be fascinating because we study things that the other pupils can’t (those who don’t attend Euro lessons).

"Travel broadens the mind " !
We are also planning to participate in an exchange project with a Slovenian High School next year.

This section is really rewarding because it a useful and complementary with French History and geography. At the end of the three years , you will have a “mention européenne” on your diploma which can help you to join selective universities or preparatory classes for prestigious schools.

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