Angleterre mars 2018 - Jour 5 Brighton
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par Frédéric Florin, Gwenaël Daval

Camus UK 2K18 : Récit d’élèves J5 :

Today, for the Iast day in England we went to Brighton a city in the south of England. In the morning, we visited the Royal Pavillon, this is a royal residence located in Brighton, England. Beginning in 1787, it was built in three stages as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent.
It is built in the Indo-Saracenic style prevalent in India for most of the 19th century. The current appearance of the Pavilion, with its domes and minarets, is the work of architect John Nash.

Then, we had one hour of shopping in Brighton.
Thus, we ate a fish and chips together which was really good.
Finally we went to Beachy head to see the "seven sisters", the highest cliff of England. We took a lot of photos and it was a great moment but with a lot of wind.


Day 5

Today, in the morning, we visited the Royal Pavillon in Brighton. It’s a former royal residence which was built during George IV’s reign.
After that, we had a freetime in the Lanes to do shopping before eating a fish and chips in a pub.
In the afternoon, we went to Beachy Head to see the highest cliffs chalk of Great Britain.
It was great thanks to the beautiful view even if it was winding a lot.


Today, Thursday 29th, we have left London and our family to go at Brighton,
After 2 hours of bus, we arrived at Brighton.
The Morning we visited the Royal Palace where we saw and learn a lot of things about the King and his Life.
We saw many beautiful rooms and places.
At the end, we could bought memories.
Moroever, we had free times to buy anythings we want.
At 1pm we went to a pub to eat, a very good Fish and Chips.
The Bus came in front of the restaurant to bring us at South Downs National Park.
We had took a lot of beautiful shot.
Then, we went towards the Channel Tunnel to goback in France.


I am going to explain you what we did today. First, we had to say goodbye at our family. Then, we went to Brighton. It was sunny. We have visited the Royal Pavilion. It was very beautiful. We went to the memories shops. We went, for example, to Primark with my friends and Poundland. We have bought food like reeses. Moreover, we have eaten a fish and chips in The bright Helm. It was very good.
We went to beachy head to see the clifs of the great britain. It was very windy. Futhermore, we took the bus again to go to France.

This morning, with a sunny sky we visited the Brighton Pavilion situated in Brighton, a town situated next to the sea.
It is an old Royal residence built in the 19th century for the future King George 4.
The emblem of this pavilion is the dragon. Many of them are represented everywhere in the pavilion. The rooms are made with a chinease and indian style. Because of the colors and the paintings on the walls.
Victoria also stayed in this pavilion.
Even if i found the visit a little boring... i really enjoyed the architecture of this pavilion with the dragons, the garden and the flashy colors inside.

After this visit we had free time for us, and at 1:00 pm we went into a fish’n’chips pub. It was really delicious. And it started to rain.

Then we came to see the white cliffs at Beachy Head, around one hour from Brighton. It was very windy and cloudy. We walked around one hour to went up to hill to the lighthouse. And then we went down to the bus to go to the shuttle.
Marine 1s1

Hello, i’m Sacha and this morning we visited the Brighton Pavilion, before i left my good family.. i tkink one week is too short to get along with them. But it’s life and i’m very happy of this trip.

This residence belong to the prince George, future king of England. The main style of the palace is a Chinese style and Oriental one. I didn’t like the visit because the residence is very beautiful but the visit with the audioguide isn’t good.. i prefer a guide.. it’s more animated and interesting.

After this visit we had free time, and me and my group went to Primark and Poundland to buy stuff and a candies.

Then we ate on a pub, today the menu was Fish and Chips.. (it’s very fat.. but.. it’s delicious !!)

To finish this day we saw the sea and we walked on the sea front, we took some pictures with the group and with my friends and we go back on the bus to return in France and finish the beautiful trip.


Thurday 29 march
Today we go by bus at 7:30 to Brighton after we visited the Royal pavillon at 10 :30 the construction started in 1787 and finish in 1823 it was construct by George IV it’s a royal residence after visit we have a free time until 13 :30 in the lane where there are very much shop after free time we go eating in a pub (fish & ships ) we leave the restaurant at 14 :00 we take the bus and we go to beachy Head for visit the tollest cliffs of England we take a time to do some photos with friends after we take the bus and we go by train in france i like this day but i dont like bringhton it’s beautifull but the visit was so long generaly i like this travel